Joe has taken on the role of Web Developer

here at Turboweb working closely with our Senior Developer, Bob.

He has previous industry experience working with Podium Apps and The University of Otago and has just completed his studies in Computer Science, Information Science and Management in 2020.

Joining the Turboweb team in January 2022, Joe has seamlessly fit into our small team of 8.

He has a keen eye for detail and is always going above and beyond for our clients. He has an incredibly handy skill of spotting small things before they slip through the cracks, resulting in polished projects all around. Problem-solving is at the core of Joe's role and for him is the most rewarding part of the job.

Many of Joe's peers who work in the same industry have found themselves working for larger companies,

feeling like they are just another brick in the wall. Being a valued member of the team and having his opinions listened to and appreciated is what Joe values the most about working here at Turboweb. Working directly with Bob has been and continues to be greatly beneficial to his skill set and career.

Outside of work, Joe’s main hobby is playing video games. He also has a love for music and is more often listening to music than not.