Bob creates systems that takes the pain out of running your businesses.

he works to solve a lot of complications for our clients.

As a long-term problem solver with an empathetic ear and analytical brain, he works to solve a lot of complications for our clients.

One of Bob’s favourite things to do

is to automate the mundane

within a business to save time and money to improve job satisfaction for staff, through taking away the pain of copying and pasting or using cumbersome systems. Having the opportunity to deliver a solution to a client (who may be unaware that there is even an opportunity for improvement) is incredibly rewarding.

He likes how building solutions for Turboweb's clients can make a huge difference to peoples’ lives and to their businesses.

If your project is reasonably straightforward, then you might not have contact with Bob, but he is probably directing the development aspects of your project behind the scenes.

Bob also works closely with some of our clients on major projects, creating entire applications to complement their business. These are solutions such as routing and scheduling programs, accounting integrations, and customer care solutions. To achieve this, he usually meets with the clients and key people, gets to know their business to understand it and take a look at the big picture, as often there can be hidden complexity or opportunities for improving their business that aren't immediately obvious.

Bob started with Turboweb in April 2008

and co-owns the business with Paul

He wrote his first computer program in 1986, made his first website in 1996, and has been an active developer in the web industry since 2001. He’s incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of web development, systems administration, deployment and DevOps. Bob works a lot with third-party API's such as Xero, Google, ZenDesk, Trello and many more.

Bob is working hard

to save the environment,

one drive at a time, with his electric vehicle. a self-confessed geek, programming and playing computer games in his spare time. He’s been training in Taekwon-Do since 2012 and in 2019, was awarded his black belt. You'll probably see him out and about around town on his mountain bike, and when he's not doing that he enjoys playing board games and watching sci-fi with his wife and four children.