Trish Douglas - Howard Anderson Upholstery

Trish Douglas - Howard Anderson Upholstery

Howard Anderson Upholstery Ltd is a locally owned, Invercargill business specialising in marine, automotive and general upholstery. Stephen has owned the business since 2009 when he purchased it from Howard.

Once we decided to go ahead we had lots of help getting the website ready to go live.

We had many approaches from companies all over New Zealand and around the world wanting to set up a website for us and had in fact met with a couple and got fairly comprehensive information from one of them. We hadn’t proceeded further than that with any of the approaches for various reasons including price, timing, and how busy the business was.

However, when the sales consultant from Turboweb contacted Stephen, things fell into place. The fact that she was from Gore and that Turboweb was based in Dunedin helped (we didn’t really want to deal with Auckland let alone China), as well as the excellent sales pitch.

Turboweb still makes regular contact with us and now their client support is often in touch providing information and encouragement to keep our website up to date. We get regular newsletters and more training - all to help us display our business in the best possible light.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Turboweb to anyone looking to set up a website in Southland.