Ruth - Winton Motorcycles

Ruth - Winton Motorcycles

The main reason for wanting a new website and logo was to revamp and our existing one. We wanted to create a mobile-friendly website to attract more customers and to use our website more for marketing purposes.

We chose Turboweb as the sales team took the time and initiative to approach us after doing their homework on our old website.

They showed us why we needed to revamp and bring it into current times. They showed us a great presentation and was lovely to deal with and answered all our questions and concerns.

The process was so easy, the communication was awesome, the photographer was great! Everything went very smoothly.

We are so happy with our new revamped website and logo. The logo is great, clear, simple, bold and relates to Winton Motorcycles well. The website has met all our expectations. We love that it is mobile friendly and integrated with our Facebook pages and Dealerbase.