Mike – Road Materials Workgear

Mike – Road Materials Workgear

We wanted to have a local website provider. We were previously working with a company in Auckland and found that with any issues they would take forever to get back to us, and with our online business growing, we needed a local website company that we could phone up and trust that they’d get onto it for us.

After one week of having the new system, it was like ‘how did we survive before this?’ It’s made a huge difference, especially to that one staff member – now she just goes and clicks a button. It’s hard to imagine our business without it, that’s how good it is.

Not too long after our new website, we transitioned to a new system, we then on-boarded a large corporate client and online business became very popular. We were soon spending time-consuming hours updating products and prices in two systems.

We thought Turboweb might be able to build us something that would integrate the two systems. By that stage, we had a staff member who was walking into the office to 30-50 orders a day that could potentially take up to five hours of simple data entry to make sure they were in both systems. Any small margin of human error could have big implications, an extra zero here, a wrong click there, could cause huge issues.

The WorkFlow system that Turboweb has created means that prices are updated automatically on the website, and the info is in two systems - there’s no room for human error for our staff – with just one click of a button - it’s all there.

Once Bob created the initial WorkFlow system, he’s also worked with us on other integrations. Our system now integrates with Courier Post, so that all orders that go out automatically notify the customer with their track and trace code.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Turboweb. Bob really cares about our business, just as we do. Turboweb has never failed to sort out a problem for us. Whatever next step the business takes – we know we can just ring up Turboweb, have a yarn, and get started. We know Turboweb will look after it.