David Wall - David Wall Photo Tours

 David Wall - David Wall Photo Tours

The whole process was very easy, with good communication.

I have several other websites, but the new Photo Tour business needed a stand-alone website with its own booking and payment section. With some previous websites in the past, I’ve had significant cost over-runs and had to continually pay for minor changes, so these were two things that I wanted to avoid.

Turboweb gave me a set price for my website and had a system where it’s simple for me to make any changes and add new pages (and photo tours and workshops). I was also looking for a local business, so it’s possible to have face-to-face meetings if necessary and go over design, optimisation etc.

Changes and refinements to the design were undertaken quickly so the whole process was hassle-free.

I’ve very happy with the final results and how easy it is for me to instantly change pages or make new ones. That way, I can improve and evolve the website as David Wall Photo Tours gets established.