Paul Southworth

Managing Director, Owner, and Ideas Guy

If you’ve had anything to do with Turboweb over the past ten years, you’ve probably met Paul. Paul is our in-house Ideas Guy and if there’s ever a curly question about the internet, Paul is likely to know, or be able to point you in the right direction.

He’s focused on helping New Zealand companies boost their business by being online. Paul has been building websites since 1999. Early on, he saw the potential for small businesses to reach the global market, or expand into 24/7 business, with the power of the internet (which was something unheard of just a few years before).

Paul is adept at seeing the big picture and coming up with astonishing ideas for businesses, that’s why he meets with Turboweb clients from the get-go and establishes what they really need to achieve with their online presence. Clients often tell us that this initial meeting is invaluable to their business, as it helps them to clarify and broaden their view on what is possible online. He’s learnt first-hand that there’s so much more to having an online presence than just having a set-and-forget website.

Paul is passionate about small business, especially in Dunedin, Otago, and Southland and how small businesses can impact on and help the wider community, through their staff, and services. That’s why he’s so passionate about helping other small businesses in the region get off the ground, or expand into an online offering.

Paul is the founder and co-owner of Turboweb with Bob, you might catch the pair brewing beer together (our advice is to be cautious of some of their beers, particularly the chilli porter, it packs a punch). Paul also loves shooting and editing video and is a keen musician. This means he often plays some, shall we say, eclectic music in the office, which isn’t entirely appreciated. He has played bass in a few iconic Dunedin bands, such as King Leo and The Growling Dogs, The George Street Patsys and The Pioneer Pog n Scroggin Bush Band. These days you can see him smashing it out with Bulletproof Convertible a powerhouse rock trio.