STIHL SHOP Invercargill


STIHL SHOP Invercargill has been a family-owned and operated business in Invercargill since 1985. Currently operated by Gill, his daughter Grace is the third generation of the Muirhead family to join the team. The STIHL SHOP Invercargill is more than just a store but services a wide range of small motor machines including lawnmowers, ride-on mowers, chainsaws and more.


For STIHL SHOP Invercargill, they wanted their website to be about not just what they sell, but what they service as well. It needed to be easy for customers to book in a service – with the ability for people to drop it instore or arrange a pick up. The website needed to fit in with the STIHL SHOP brand guidelines and professionally showcase their products online. They wanted visitors to be able to look at a product and reserve it for in-store collection online.


STIHL SHOP Invercargill wanted to have a lot of their products listed online so that customers could see their pricing and reserve a product for pickup instore. They also wanted the option to pop a product on special.

When you navigate to a product, you’ll also see similar products or products you may be interested in below. Say if you’re getting a chainsaw, it could be chain oil or other sizes of chainsaw. On their homepage, they have a large rotating banner with the latest specials, with an option for customers to book in a service. The homepage showcases its leading brands, news and events.


The Turboweb team worked with the STIHL SHOP Invercargill to develop a great way to showcase their products online and allow customers to add items to their cart and reserve them to pick up instore. They worked inline with the STIHL SHOP brand guide and created a number of forms for clients to fill in easily online – such as when they book in a service or enquire on a specific item.