Turboweb's Website Health Check

2nd Oct 2020

Turboweb's Website Health Check

2nd Oct 2020

How do you know if your older website is still good?

So, you keep getting marketing emails about how your website needs urgent work, or is getting out of date, or has ‘urgent security risks’ that need to be addressed.

You’re pretty sure those are mostly spam emails, but it’s possible that there’s some truth to what they say – but how can you find out? Who can you trust to give you straight-up information about your website’s health and performance? 

Maybe you’re thinking about refreshing or updating your company’s website, but you’re not sure how your current website is performing, or how it stacks up against the competition. You know it was a good website back when you first set it up, but that was a while ago now. Or maybe it has only ever been a placeholder site, waiting for you to get around to it.

Either way, you are ready for some information about how your site stacks up before you start making changes, to help you prioritise what those changes need to be.

With the internet changing so quickly these days it is hard to know whether your site is really failing at the basics – or if the fundamentals are actually in place and it just needs a bit of work around content, photography and design.

Ask for a Turboweb Website Health Check

Find out if your website's basics are okay.

When we run a Health Check on a website, the Turboweb team have a look at your site and check it over.

A Turboweb Website Health Check is different to some of those other automated website health audits out there – we don’t just run it through a bot or let a spreadsheet jump to its own conclusions about your site. We have our customer service and content management experts take a good look at your site, measure it against current expected standards, and get back to you with tailored feedback.

We’ll evaluate your website for those important foundational elements like checking your site’s security, and whether your site is responsive and mobile friendly. We’ll also check out things that can have a big impact on whether you show up in Google searches, like your site speed, your domain name, and whether you’ve got a problem with broken links on your site.

We also take a look at how easy it is for your clients to find you and contact you through your site. We’ll even tell you what keywords your site seems to be ranking for and give some feedback on whether they are a good fit for your business.

On top of all that, we know that a standardised check doesn’t always capture the full picture when it comes to how well your website is positioned for the current market. We have seen plenty of websites that appear to have the fundamentals in place but are still just not cutting it for search engine performance, customer satisfaction, or getting found on Google.

That’s why with every Website Health Check we perform, you’ll also get an email from our team where we give some feedback and suggestions of how to improve your site, based on our years of internet and online business experience.

Turboweb know about doing business online 

Turboweb is a Dunedin company that is all about helping you do business online. Websites are our specialty, and we know what it takes to make a high performing website that connects you with your clients and brings more business through your doors.

Our Website Health Check is more than just a box-ticking exercise – it’s a useful first step in evaluating where your current website is at, and what your next steps are. A clean bill of health with the Health Check means your fundamentals are in place, and you can concentrate on those other things that will help you climb the search engine rankings – like great content that connects with your clients, and design that really pops.

Whether you are an existing Turboweb client wondering if your site needs some attention, or your site is on some other website platform, contact Turboweb to ask about a Website Health Check for your company’s website. 

Give Turboweb a call on 03 474 5953, or send us an email today.


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