SEO Tips: Checking Out Your Competitors

27th Feb 2020

SEO Tips: Checking Out Your Competitors

27th Feb 2020

When thinking about the keywords or phrases you want to focus on a great place to start is checking out what the competition is doing. This means you can figure out a niche in the market, or another angle no one else is using.

There are other tools at your disposal like Google Search Console which shows you what people are searching for to reach your website, and Google Keyword Planner which gives you an idea of how well certain keywords perform with ranking and Google Ads.

Here we will look at using your competitors' own websites to see what is out there. It's not as tricky as it looks - you're basically looking at the website without any of the theme or images.

Do this by visiting a competitor's website and view their page source information.

Right-click on the web page and select 'view page source' (note: each page or sub-page might have specific keywords, so be sure to check out as many of these as possible).

You will see a whole lot of code - don't worry about trying to figure this all out, simply scroll through and look for lines starting with "meta name" (see example below), or hold Ctrl+F and type in 'meta' into the search bar that pops up.

Your website will have the headings as above, but websites from other platforms will have theirs laid out differently.

Once you find the right section start reading through the text in blue after 'content'. These are the details you're after.

meta name="title" - This is the page title and should contain the main keywords

meta name="Keywords" - A list of the targeted keywords for this web page

meta name="Description" - This is the description that will appear when search results are delivered, this will help prospective clients decide the click on the link to your website in preference to another from the search result list, it should also contain your targeted keywords

Remember, we don't just want to copy these keywords, but they will give you a good idea of the types of words and terms that are being used to search within your particular industry. Think about your business' particular point of difference to tweak this basic keyword list and speak to your existing client base to find out how they found you and the types of terms they would use if searching - this information is very valuable and often all you need to do is ask!

Even if you can't find a specific 'keywords' line pay attention to the words they have in the 'description' or 'page content' lines as these will definitely contain their keywords.

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