How to get the Best out of your Content

4th Sep 2017

How to get the Best out of your Content

4th Sep 2017
In 2017, it’s critical to produce online content that resonates with your audience. By creating engaging content, you can build trust which makes it easier to convert that visitor to a sale. Here’s four things you can do to get the best out of your content.

Get Informative with Content

Smart content writers know that people are often looking for solutions to problems or more information on a topic when they hop on the web. It’s a great idea to think of what your client’s issues or problems may be and write compelling content around that issue – for example think about including a Frequently Asked Questions page or try to answer questions around common concerns for your clients.

Long form Content

Search is changing. People are searching long form terms (sentences, rather than single terms) and questions in search engines and expecting answers. Providing content that is engaging around a specific topic can get those searchers sticking around and converting to sales.

Get Interactive with Content

Breaking up wordy content with images, graphics and compelling video can help keep people on your website. Calculators, surveys, 360’ videos and other crafty multimedia and interactive content can have a lot of interest. A people-focused experienced (such as a mortgage calculator) is highly engaging and helpful, as it guides visitors to results that match their specific needs. ‘Calls to Action’ (such as click here, call us) do result in more people clicking and calling, so check you have those on your website.

Expand on Strong Content

Do you have a page on your website or subject that you know always draws in clients? What is your key service area and do you have a few extra pages of content support it on your website? Writing follow up articles on your key service areas and linking to those service pages can greatly increase your organic (unpaid) traffic in search engines. Think about expanding on a topic, think top ten tips, how does it work, what is the process of installation etc.

Social Media Drives Traffic

Don’t stop at publishing content just on your website, share it on your Facebook page, LinkedIn etc. Upload a video to Youtube and then put it on your website to increase views. Let staff in your company know that there’s new info on the website that they can share out to their social networks too if they wish. Sharing out to social will greatly increase your audience and keep your customers informed.
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