Getting started on social media for your business in New Zealand

9th Jan 2018

Getting started on social media for your business in New Zealand

9th Jan 2018

Thinking of dipping your toes into the world of social media but don’t know where to start for your business? Turboweb have some pointers on how you can get started.

Why be on Social Media in New Zealand?

Doubters may ask; why even bother? Well, two thirds of New Zealand internet users use social media every day, with kiwis now spending half of their media consumption time online (instead of TV, newspapers, radio, or magazines). Facebook is New Zealand’s second most popular online destination, after Google, and according to Neilson, the place where kiwis spend the majority of their time online, spending over 10 hours of their life on Facebook every month.
So now that we’ve established that it’s a big audience of kiwis on social media, what platform should your business go with?

As a business in New Zealand, what social media should we be on?

We know, there’s just so much out there – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. Well, let’s be geeks, and look at the stats before jumping in. In NZ, according to Nielsen Online Ratings, the majority of kiwis are on Facebook – with over 2 million kiwis, next is Youtube, with over 2 million as well, while Pinterest comes in third with over 700,000, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, and then Instagram. 

  • Facebook 2,689,000
  • YouTube 2,236,000
  • Pinterest 727,000
  • Twitter 600,000
  • LinkedIn 561,000
  • Instagram 489,000

Looking at the stats, it looks like Facebook and Youtube are your best bet, as they have the biggest audience, but some platforms are fantastic for certain kinds of businesses, or cater more to different age groups. For example, if your audience is under 25s, we’d recommend Snapchat (depending on your business), as that’s where all the young ones are. If you’re a photographer, or foodie, your business could do incredibly well on Instagram. While LinkedIn is great for businesses that are big on networking and ideal for individuals who do a lot of business to business, such as recruitment.

Okay, I get it, I should be on social media but how do I get started?

Turboweb are here to help get your social media set up and can work with you to make sure your business is represented properly on your chosen networks. But a word of warning, it’s not advisable to just set and forget your social media accounts. That’s one reason why we might say, concentrate on one or two and do it right.

Facebook for business in New Zealand

With Facebook you might already have a business page that you can claim, to do this you will have to have a personal Facebook account. We recommend having more than one staff member on a Facebook page, just in case anything was to happen. You’ll need some photos to go with your page – an image that will fit nicely into a circle shape for the profile image, and a banner image in the least. Other basic info that goes with a Facebook page is things like opening hours – and remember to have these up to date across your Google listing, website and Facebook page – no one likes turning up to a shut-up shop.

Youtube for business in New Zealand

Youtube is a video platform. With Youtube you need to have a Google account, as Youtube is now part of the Google network. Youtube videos can then be embedded in your website, so you can share videos on Youtube anywhere on your website.

How Turboweb can help your business grow online with Social Media

If all this sounds like too much, feel free to give us a call, and Turboweb can help get you set up as a business on Facebook, and across any social platform, we can also help you optimise your social media channels, like Youtube to get better results. We can also help with your first impression – getting our design team to perfect your brands image across social media.

Turboweb can also take all the pain away and manage your social media for you, setting realistic growth targets and marketing plans for the year to come. Get started on turbocharging your social media today. We work with a range of businesses across the South Island to establish their social media and to do continued online marketing with them. Contact Turboweb.

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