Are you recruiting staff or apprentices?

27th Aug 2020

Are you recruiting staff or apprentices?

27th Aug 2020

An employment enquiry form on your website can streamline the staff recruitment process.

We all know that having great staff is the key to a successful business. When it comes to recruiting new staff, it is so important that you get a good pool of applicants to choose from.

Of course, there are all the usual recruitment agencies and online job sites to list your vacancy, and sometimes you also need to cast the net a bit wider and advertise through your social media channels as well.

A great way to gather all those applications into the same place is to have a situations vacant page on your website. Not only can you advertise the job in more detail than is possible in a paid ad, you can also have people upload their CVs, work history, and cover letter right there on your site.

No more phone calls to your reception desk or cell-phone asking where to send their CV. And no more confusion about exactly what information you require. It’s all there on the form.

Check out some examples of career application forms on these Turboweb websites:

Turboweb can work with you to customise these forms in any way you need. We highly recommend them as an easy way for potential staff to know what they need to supply you, and upload the necessary documents straight to your inbox.

The Employment Enquiry form can easily be adapted for scholarship applications, apprenticeship schemes, course enrolments, grant applications and other uses.

Call Turboweb today on (03) 474 5953 to talk about adding a career or situations vacant section to your website.

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