Is your website mobile-friendly? - 24th Jul 2017

Is your website Mobile-friendly?

What does having a ‘mobile-friendly website’ actually mean? Have you viewed your website on mobile and other devices to see if it is user friendly?

Does your website have a burger button? (And no, a burger button isn’t to do with fast food but we know you’re hungry now). A burger button is that small stacked icon that most mobile-friendly websites have to help users navigate around your site with ease and find the information they need quickly.

The latest figures show that 70% of people are using mobile phones to access websites online.  All our new website designs are mobile-friendly from the get go, with a burger button for easy navigation.

Having a mobile-friendly website also helps your results when people search for you on Google. Those without a mobile-friendly website won’t display as high in Google when searched for by someone on mobile or tablet. Google will prioritise results with a good user experience.

With that in mind. Now is the time to check your website out on your phone, do it now, and see if it’s got that all important burger button.

If you have any questions at all about how to optimise your website for mobile, then email us at or call 0800 TURBOWEB.

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