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Simple Web Manager (SWM) - Website Design Dunedin - Turboweb

If you can't control it then it's not yours - this is the principle SWM is based on and it is very true for your website.

Take Charge. Design and Manage your Own Website

The Turboweb Simple Web Manager (SWM) is designed to be a very simple-to-use system for a business, group or individual to manage their own website, eliminating the need to ring their designer every time they need to change a product or update information on a page.

Features and Benefits of Simple Website Manager

  • Suitable for you: SWM is already in use for a variety of people. It is flexible and can be customised to suit just about anyone. It is especially ideal for small business, individuals or groups.
  • Affordable: From less than $20 per week with no fixed contract or hidden costs, you get everything you need to effectively run your business online, including e-commerce.
  • Easy to use: Inbuilt help and simple forms are easily navigated. This means you don't need a degree to operate your site. If you want to update anything from a single word to a whole page you can do so easily.
  • You do not need to know complex coding: We've made it easy for you to do the hard stuff like put images on your website or link to other websites.
  • On the fly image resizing: Simply select a picture you want to upload and SWM will resize your image and make thumbnails for your site on the fly! There's no need for you to have to work with tricky graphics applications.
  • Easy navigation: The website menus are simple and easy to use, both for your website visitors and for you when you're working with your website.  There's no confusing hidden pop out menus or things hidden away. Our job is to make it easy for your customers and you and to get on and do what you need to.
  • Your website will be super fast: We've made sure that that the technology behind SWM is up to scratch and that the server where your website lives and it's connection to the Internet is also mighty fast. Conservative loading, good network connectivity and first class management means that your site isn't being held up at the server.
  • Professional looking sites: SWM makes the most of design aesthetics and can be tuned to your individual needs. The system makes sure that your visitors know that they are still in your site by maintaining the theme site-wide. Once configured there is no need for you to do anything to maintain your site's theme and we make sure that you can't break it.
  • Edit from anywhere: You can edit your website from any computer connected to the Internet.
  • Inbuilt secure contact forms: Your website will have a secure spam-proof form for customers to get in touch with you.  This saves your email address being harvested by spammers from your site.

Simple Website Manager: Pricing

The Simple Web Manager pricing starts with SWM Starter at $49.95 per month (excl GST).  This gives you the tools you need to run a simple website. At the high end of the scale we have SWM Unlimited at $119.95 per month (excl GST) for websites that need a full retail store.

The monthly price includes hosting, bandwidth, a domain name and five email addresses. There are no obligatory setup costs, minimum term or termination fee. We believe this presents a very low risk way to get your products or company online.

Simple Website Manager: Graphic Design

SWM comes with a range of visual themes you can choose from. They all have a neat and professional look. Simply upload your logo to the website and you're ready to roll.  Many of our customers have opted to step up to a custom designed visual theme. This is appropriate where you require something a little more special or to be closely aligned to existing marketing material.

Pricing for custom themes varies from site to site but we can quote on the job before undertaking it. Typically custom themes start at about $600 depending on the work required.

Who's using Simple Website Manager?

To see some of the websites that are powered by the Turboweb Simple Web Manager, check out the SWM Portfolio Page.

Where to next?

To get started with the Simple Web Manager, simply give us a call. We'll arrange a time for you to come and have a look at the system and show you what it can do for you. If that doesn't suit, we'll come and visit you. Head over to our contact form and enter your details.  We're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised when you see how simple it is to use.
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