Turboweb Simple Web Manager
Take charge and manage your own website! The Turboweb Simple Web Manager (SWM) is a very simple-to-use system for a business, group or individual to manage a website. It is highly capable and can run a wide range of websites. You can get your website running for less than $20 per week … read more
Turboweb Custom Devlopment
It's about time you took your idea to the Internet - you know, the one that is going to tip the scales? We've helped heaps of people get their project launched. Come and talk to us and see how we can help you bring your idea to life … read more
Turboweb Email Services
Our email service is purpose-built and managed by us so that we can help you directly if you have any trouble. It is secure, spam-free, virus-free, quality email service to go with the awesome websites and service that we provide. You may think email is nothing special, but we do … read more
Turboweb Support
When you need help you'll get it - our phone and email support is awesome. We don't hold you in a queue or make you press buttons to get help. Our phones are manned 24/7 so you'll get a real person when you need it, someone who can convert geek-speak to stuff that humans can understand … read more

Website Design - Web Development Dunedin - Turboweb

Turboweb offers a range of internet based technologies;  websites you design and manage, custom website development and support solutions, all designed to make the process of getting your company online as painless as humanly possible. We work really hard with our clients to strike a balance between functionality and usability; since commercial results are crucial to the success of any website, no matter how awesome it looks.

In a nutshell, Turboweb bridges the gap between Humans and Geeks.

Simple Web Manager (SWM)

The easiest and fastest way to get your website up and running is to use our Simple Web Manager. Depending on your requirements, this will give you the best result for the least amount of effort.  Find out more about our Simple Web Manager.

Custom Website Development

We also specialise in building custom websites - this is a great choice if you've got a specific requirement or something a bit out of left field. We use solid and reliable New Zealand based hosting services to ensure your website is a fast as possible, and where possible we use open source technologies to save the trouble of reinventing the wheel.  Find out more about our Custom Web Development Solutions.

Our Client Websites and their Feedback

Our clients are a great bunch of people - they appreciate the benefits of working with us. Check out what they have to say on our testimonials page.
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