Turboweb Testimonials

We like to think we’re a client-focused, helpful bunch, who are easy to work with. Turns out, some of our clients do too. The thing is, the feeling's mutual. With over ten years in the industry, we have been fortunate enough to work with some great people across Otago and Southland on some fantastic websites. Some of those people have been nice enough to write us a testimonial. If you'd like to review Turboweb, we'd really appreciate it. You can do so on Google or on Facebook.

We believe in creating a business where people are always happy to refer their friends and associates.

The entire team at Turboweb were so much fun to work with, the entire process was engaging, painless and really enjoyable.
Mike Wheeler - Betech
The whole process was a breeze.
Greg & Jodi Cockburn - Lakeside Motel & Apartments
One of the things I find about the Turboweb site is the ease and speed at which I can make changes, sometimes daily.
Rachel – Motorcycle Replacements (MCR)
Bob is great, you give him an idea, and he goes away and does his thing. We’re very pleased with what he’s made for our business. He has great communication and really has his finger on the pulse.
Mike – Road Materials Workgear
I’ve very happy with the final results and how easy it is for me to instantly change pages or make new ones. That way, I can improve and evolve the website as David Wall Photo Tours gets established.
David Wall - David Wall Photo Tours
Turboweb have proved to be very transparent with costings, with no surprises, which we really appreciate.
Jane Marrah – Phillips Group.
The whole process was very quick and easy, from the concept designs to the final live site.
Phil Dunn - Ribbonwood Nurseries
The next step was actually figuring out what we wanted or needed, again Bob and Turboweb came to the party and we soon had some direction.
Travis Baird - Unifone
We embarked on a journey to find a local provider – someone we could meet over a coffee and discuss our needs in our language not ‘tech speak’.
Russell Dendulk - SouthRoads
Absolutely everything was done for us; we ended up with a brand, website and marketing tools, all from one company.
Chris Adams - Fiordland Jet
Not once was I told that something would be difficult or not possible - always their response was one of ‘let’s think that through and make it work’.
Laura - Use Your Own (UYO) Cafe Guide
I felt confident all through the process that the end result would be to my satisfaction.
Graham Burgess - Estate Property Solutions
The proof is in the pudding; the website has worked really well for us. We get most of our bookings directly from our website and our business is thriving.
Anna Moore - Hereweka Garden Retreat
The easy manner in how she sorted out everything we were able to throw at her was most impressive and this made the whole process as easy as ordering ones favourite drink.
Pablo Dennison - Evansdale Cheese
We wanted something simple enough that would ensure we’d be able to handle it ongoingly without compromising on the professional look and feel. We were really keen on having the option to add or change things on the website if we wanted to.
Ina Kinski - Learning in Kaikōura
Turboweb came up with some great ideas to sort this issue out and as a result, we now have a much better position in search results. They definitely know what they are talking about and I find the system they use to manage the website very user-friendly.
Hamish Harvey - RD Petroleum