Travis Baird - Unifone

Travis Baird - Unifone

Unifone is constantly growing and evolving, so we have to be proactive and keep our backend and frontend systems as optimal as possible.


Our central management system was initially built by a student straight out of Otago Polytechnic and although revolutionary for the business at the time, after three years of use there were certainly some shortcomings.

Moving on from there, the next step was actually figuring out what we wanted or needed, again Bob and Turboweb came to the party and we soon had some direction.

We talked a lot internally about how we would approach making improvements and one of our biggest concerns was finding someone familiar with the platform and technologies of the existing system.

Turns out Bob was a perfect fit! He was very familiar with all the technologies used in the initial build and in fact, didn’t take long at all to understand how the existing system worked. 

We chose Turboweb as I previously knew Bob from past encounters, so I looked him up out of the blue. It has been, and still is, extremely easy to work with all the team at Turboweb; they are friendly, knowledgeable, punctual and professional.

It has been an ongoing project for over twelve months now with a lot more features and improvements being introduced than ever thought. The work has majorly improved efficiency and effectiveness of our team. We look forward to continuing our relationship well into the future.