Rachel – Motorcycle Replacements (MCR)

Rachel – Motorcycle Replacements (MCR)

One of the things I find about the Turboweb site is the ease and speed at which I can make changes, sometimes daily.

Our old website was getting very tired looking, images had dated, and some of the grammar was really bad (as well as the odd spelling mistake) but it was very difficult and expensive to make changes, so we just put up with it. The only hesitation I had was I concerned about the ease of updating information on the website – these fears were totally unfounded.

I wanted to deal with a local company who knew what I was talking about ie: if I said Green Island, they knew where it was and that I wasn’t actually talking about an island!

The process from start to finish was great. Paul visited us and answered all the random questions I had. Once we had committed, I really felt like I had a whole team behind me helping through the journey.

We love the final result (and the results it has given us). The follow up from the Turbo web team has been outstanding. We are looking forward to the next stage!