Kim Peet - Forbury Service Centre

Kim Peet - Forbury Service Centre We had a website before that was very impersonal and was just there so we had one. As a mechanical workshop, we didn’t realise the importance of having a website until we didn’t have one for a short period of time and lots of people commented that they couldn’t find us online.
We thought that sorting another website would just take up too much time.

We went to Turboweb as they were a local company, had seen their great work and that fact that we could always talk to a real person and we were never made to feel like just a number.

The process was very simple we were guided along that way and it really was just a matter of having a chat to them and telling them all about our business, having a photo shoot which made for great entertainment especially amongst the boys at morning tea.

We love our new website, we tell our friends and customers to check it out. It’s all about us with real people doing what we do.