Janine Smith - Advance Agriculture

Janine Smith - Advance Agriculture

Advance Agriculture is a locally owned agricultural chemical, seed and spray equipment supplier, offering technically-focused, personalised advice to clients in Otago and Southland. We are all about our clients getting the best out of their land. The team’s wealth of experience along with our independence allows us to do this well. The company was formed in 2001 along with our first Turboweb website. In late 2015, the management at Advance Agriculture realised the website needed a revamp and tasked me, the new Company Administrator, to achieve this.

I was keen to create a website that shows Advance Agriculture is all about our people – approachable and friendly yet professional and knowledgeable. At the same time, I wanted it to be able to potentially integrate with our accounting software and have an online presence.

I didn’t need to look too far as the Turboweb Simple Web Manager platform allowed for all of this.  I sent my ideas through to Paul and he was able to come back with some suggestions to make it happen.  The team layout has come up great and portrays the friendly staff we have rather than a corporate look that I wasn’t keen on.

The Simple Web Manager is really easy to use and if I have needed any assistance they have been at the end of the phone.  They understood what I was wanting to achieve and was able to relay this directly to the developers making the process very easy.  From my experience, not all companies work like this.  In addition, it was such a nice change that Turboweb was focused on the end result and us, the customer, rather than time and money spent to date on the project.

Since the launch, we have had enquiries from throughout the country and we are able to direct our clients to the website to download useful information like our H&S On-farm Management Plan.  Our next focus will be growing our online store and building on the News content.