Ina Kinski - Learning in Kaikōura

Ina Kinski - Learning in Kaikōura As a new, community-based initiative, it was very clear from the get-go that having an online and social media presence was essential to get the word out about the good work Te Hā o Mātauranga was going to be doing. However, it needed to happen on a slim budget, be done by the employed staff (rather than external communication gurus), and fit into the already super busy day to day work of Link (Learning in Kaikōura).

We wanted something simple enough that would ensure we’d be able to handle it ongoingly without compromising on the professional look and feel. We were really keen on having the option to add or change things on the website if we wanted to. As soon as we met with Turboweb, we knew it’d be easy to communicate the design ideas we had, and that for our situation, paying a little bit every month to get someone on the phone if we need help is a worthwhile investment. After all, the website is our strongest, most looked at business card.

We’re really happy with how our website has turned out. It's one of the most functional, and prettiest websites we know. It's easy for us to add news items, and having the Facebook feed right there means it always feels current when going to the home page. We get lots of comments about how strong, bold, and memorable the design is and we love how this is showcased on the website.