Hamish Harvey - RD Petroleum

Hamish Harvey - RD Petroleum RD Petroleum faced the issue of having already spent capital to establish a website, but found its performance less than satisfactory. We were experiencing a less than satisfactory amount of traffic through the website, due to a big issue with the search engines and where the link for our site appeared. We found our site appearing way down the list of links when keywords related to the industry we are in were typed into the search engines.

We decided to bring the Turboweb team on board and have them take a look at our website. It was the Turboweb team that identified the issue with the search engines and so after some discussions with the guys we had them help us out.

Turboweb came up with some great ideas to sort this issue out and as a result, we now have a much better position in search results. They definitely know what they are talking about and I find the system they use to manage the website very user-friendly.

There have been a number of great suggestions from the team and we plan on implementing them this year. Looking towards the future we plan to work closely and do some more projects with the Turboweb team.