Graham Burgess - Estate Property Solutions

 Graham Burgess - Estate Property Solutions

Estate Property Solutions had recently changed its directors and the direction of the company had changed slightly, so we thought it was a good time to update our website. We also wished to showcase all the good work we were currently doing in the real world, in the online space.

My initial concerns were around how to convey all our information and have it understood and showcased on the website, so everyone could understand our compassion and commitment to the work we do. I need not have had these concerns as Turboweb not only understood but shared our compassion for conveying our story.

I felt confident all through the process that the end result would be to my satisfaction.

We were first introduced to Turboweb when we saw a presentation by them at a function. I then had a meeting with Paul. After leaving the meeting I felt totally confident and relaxed that they could convey my story well and in a very professional style. From there, the process was so easy.

After that initial meeting, I clearly understood what information I needed to pass on, and felt completely comfortable that Turboweb could package and present that information in a clear concise format.

When I saw the template for my approval I was amazed as it was even better than I had imagined. When it went live, and I had a couple of people convey how well it looked, it confirmed for me what a good option it was to choose Turboweb.


Many thanks to the Team for an awesome job.