Graeme Rixon - Rictech

Graeme Rixon - Rictech

Rictech has been a registered company since 2006 and as the director of the company, I considered making a website many times.  As we are also involved in technology, it seemed a logical step for us to have our own website, and for us to make that website too.

We looked at various free website creators and options, but this resulted in delay after delay, as we never had the time to master HTML or get into website design, with all the other work needing done. The website kept getting pushed further down the priority pile, till it basically sat in limbo and nothing got done for several years.

When my brother came back to New Zealand and started up Rent-A-Hive, he showed me the work that Turboweb did to create his website, and that convinced me that I should also try them for my company website.  The process was easy and painless, and I am extremely happy with the result.

My first contact was Paul. Paul discussed what I wanted to do with my site, and answered all my questions on the day of our first meeting.  I provided some basic drawings as to an idea for a logo, and the Turboweb team came back with a superb logo for my business, which I now use on all my business stationary, cards, invoices etc, and naturally, the website too.

I must say at this point that I was really, REALLY impressed and delighted with the logo they came up with, and although I deal with electronic symbols almost every day, I could not have come up with that design. I guess that is where graphic designers come in handy!

In any dealings with Turboweb, I have usually got the answers I needed over the phone, and in one instance where I was having issues, I reported it to the client support, and although they were not able to fix it over the phone, they assured me they would look into it and get back to me.

I am so used to hearing people say that then NOT ring back, that it was a pleasant surprise to find that they had left a message on my answer-phone the very next night to say that they had had the techs look at the problem, and it was now fixed. That was superb service in these days of "I'll get back to you" - which often translates as "You'll never hear from me again." 

In my case, not only was I wanting to expose my business and it's services to a global market, but I was also wanting to sell circuit-boards, electronic kits and design services via the website, and this has produced results since the website went live.  As I was looking to a global market with the kits etc, I preferred PayPal buttons over a local shopping cart on my site, and that was easily accommodated, and I can create my own PayPal buttons and simply paste the code into the website using Turboweb's excellent Simple Web Manager. This allows me to tap into the gigantic global pool of those who like to pay for things with PayPal.

Overall, I am 100% satisfied with Turboweb and their services, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else thinking of setting up a website.