Clinton Chambers - Burns Lodge

Inside Burns Lodge

I first came up with the idea of a website when I attended an AGM for a local business organisation, whom I knew nothing about, and realised there was no information about the association online. As an accommodation provider, I also realised there was a real lack of information for my guests on the local area. I raised this with the association and they thought it was an awesome idea but with the lack of resources they asked me to volunteer to create the website, and the rest is history.

I joined the association, funding was the main concern for us for the website, as a not for profit organisation we had to raise the funds to pay for it, membership was not strong at the time so funds were tight, however with a couple of fundraising events we were able to raise awareness for the association, membership increased, and with the generous discount from Turboweb to put the website together, we were able to meet the costs.

Turboweb are one of the easiest organisations to work with, they understand how businesses are busy. 

They take the stress and strain away from the technical components of developing a website, they recognise people don’t always understand what is involved in owning and maintaining a website. Turboweb just seem to take care of all of that in a professional and efficient manner. They make the whole process of developing a website extremely simple and straightforward.

When it comes to working with Turboweb, their ability to understand the needs of so many businesses and articulate that information into a functioning and user-friendly website that engages the user is outstanding. They somehow magically combine the global world of information technology into a language that common people like myself can grasp and work with.