Bernie – Punch Tooling NZ

Bernie – Punch Tooling NZ

I chose Turboweb after I met with Paul, as it was a local company with a good feel to it.

As I started a new business, I needed a website to show existing users and potential new customers where to get support, tooling sales, and information. The main hesitation I had was is the expense and ongoing cost worth the return on investment, this has proven to be a good choice, as I have had many referrals from the website with regard to new products, we are now supporting in the New Zealand market.

I think the process went well in the end, but I was a bit sceptical about writing about myself and with regard to my experience and self-promotion. But the team at Turboweb, even though they have no engineering knowledge, were able to draw out of me the information that helps my website work well on search engines like Google.

As I said, in the end there wasn’t too much blood on the floor at the end of the meeting!

Cheers Turboweb!