Alan Preston - Bedpost

Alan Preston - Bedpost Although we’ve always had a website at Bedpost Dunedin, our old site had dropped off in terms of look and functionality and was really in need of a refit. I was contacted by Turboweb and immediately recognized the company; Turboweb is directly across the road from our store! We organized a totally new site which is an upgrade on where we were with the old site and a major leap forward; the old site was definitely untidy.

The new site is clean, tidy and very easy to navigate which I really appreciate as so many sites are too complicated to get around these days.

The process of building the new site with Turboweb was fairly painless and the team is definitely user-friendly. The fact they are local and right across the road was a huge bonus which makes a big difference. If I need to I can walk right across the road and have any issues dealt with quickly. I think most people would appreciate dealing with local people and not with someone in China to whom the work has been forwarded onto.

The new site has refreshed our online presence and has been well received by both suppliers and the national marketing staff of Bedpost. Overall, I feel that we’ve gotten a valuable service from Turboweb and I would recommend them to any other retail operation.