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LeadingIdeas goes mobile - Callum McKirdy

I thought my LeadingIdeas.co.nz webite looked fine as it was on a mobile device and didn't really see the need for a mobile version. In other words, I thought enlarging the screen wasn't so much of a hassle. But I decided to take up the Turboweb offer and am really glad I did.

What the mobile site has done is strip down the fancy add-ons that are useful for a website but not necessary when looking at the site on a tablet, iPad or smart phone but it's retained all the elegant design features and remained true to my brand. The clever feature of altering the design, menu and amount of information on screen depending on the orientation (landscape or portrait) is really cool - all the information is there; its just packaged-up and displayed slightly differently. Navigation is super-easy.

I use my website as an extension of by business card (also designed by Turboweb) when selling services - without doubt I'll now take my tablet everywhere and simply show people on screen or direct people to my sight right there and then, and talk them through what I do. The mobile site is a wonderful sales tool.

Thanks guys - you clever buggers! Really impressed and I'm now a convert.

Check the Callum's new mobile site by visiting www.leadingideas.co.nz on you smart phone or tablet.
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