Some feedback from happy Turbopeeps


I was keen to get a site up and running for my organisational development business for a couple of reason - firstly to be the main driver of advertising my services and brand, and secondly to give potential clients an opportunity to suss me out once we've had the initial conversation if I met them in the 'real' world. My line of work (like most consultancies) is based on relationships - people need to trust what you say and how you behave, and a website gives people an opportunity to think about working with me. This isn't like selling a product when you've got to 'catch' people - it needs to be an informed decision as we could potentially be working together for a long time.

So, I contacted seven local website designer / developers (thanks Google!) and after meeting with 3 of them (narrowed down by their portfolio of sites I liked the look of - not who their clients actually were), I made the very simple decision to work with Turboweb - and I haven't looked back. Nobody else offered the whole package of support from concept design, walking me through (at my pace) the ins and outs of SWM, to the phasing of getting everything sorted ready for launch and there after. They really have thought of everything! SWM is just as the name suggests. Okay, so I asked a couple of cabbage questions but the team's responses were so professional and they made me feel supported rather than stupid. They allocate you with a key contact person who holds your hand the whole way through and as it turned out they were cracking the whip for me to get the content written as the team seemed to take on the site as if it were their own - it really was a team effort, and each of the team had defined roles and skills that nobody else offered, which is important to me as I got the impression I was dealing with a group of experts in their own fields.

In all honesty it was the little things that mattered - from Paul showing me round the Turboplex and seeing his excitement for the developments there; Aaron's attention to detail when setting things up and answering my calls (and again his enthusiasm for his part in the project), and Jacquie's enthusiasm full-stop. Sure I was getting really excited about the site and the process for writing and refining the content, but like a good experience with a shop assistant or a doctor when they make you feel like you're the only person they deal with that day, the team focused on me and my needs everytime we interacted. Nothing was a problem and their advice was always spot-on. The funny thing is - I don't even think they know they're doing it, but they interacted with me about the website like it was their first site, even though they've designed, built and manage hundreds. And that's the reason I went with Turboweb and it's all proved true. Thanks team!!

Callum McKirdy
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