Sarah Moffitt

Project Coordinator and Expert Juggler

Sarah Moffitt Project Coordinator at Turboweb

Sarah manages all our websites from start to finish and liaises with our clients, photographers, content writers, developers, and pretty much everybody, to make sure Turboweb projects run as smoothly as possible. With a background in everything from hospitality to accounts, Sarah is highly skilled at keeping everything on track and prioritising work.

Before Turboweb, Sarah worked for a private training establishment as their online coordinator and wrote online learning platforms. She’s tech-savvy, and can easily help with all those tricky tech questions that Turboweb clients call up with.

At Turboweb, she thoroughly enjoys working with real people, in a real way, offering real solutions. She finds it really rewarding to help clients create an online presence (which may seem daunting to some but is really necessary for the age we live in). She loves the down-to-earth nature of a lot of Turboweb clients and finds seeing the finished websites really rewarding, especially when she knows the whole operation from start to finish so intimately.

Sarah has a young son, Aidan, who keeps her busy outside of work. Her interests include live music, dancing, soccer, and spending time at the beach or outdoors. Just don’t walk into the Turboweb office with a parrot on your shoulder, as Sarah has an extreme fear of birds (Ornithophobia).