Sarah Kapoor

Client Support and Chronic Completionist

Sarah Kapoor Sarah Kapoor joined Turboweb in September 2018 as our Client Support person and she brings an extensive background in customer service and support to her role.
She’s driven, and a self-confessed ‘completionist’ always wanting to complete tasks and delivery for her clients. She’s not one to shy away from hard work or tricky tech issues, and is incredibly patient and understanding, always working with our clients to come to the best solutions that will stand them in good stead for the long term.
In a previous role, she spent a lot of time managing and training new staff, and so understands how daunting it can be when you’re starting out in something. This means she can relate to our clients getting a new website and not bog them down with unnecessary jargon, as she knows how confusing it can all be. This makes her great at helping our clients learn how to use their new website – simply and easily.
Outside of work, Sarah likes to spend time with her husband watching too much Netflix. She also has a pet rabbit, Nibbler.