Gaylene Buchanan

Sales Extraordinaire - South Otago & Southland

If you’re in South Otago, Invercargill or Gore, or around the region, chances are you’ve met, or you know someone who knows Gaylene. She’s our busy Southern salesperson and you might have seen her nifty Turboweb car zipping past your business.

Gaylene knows about getting a website first hand, as she’s previously been on the client side of Turboweb. A self-confessed ‘reformed technophobe’ Gaylene used to be computer illiterate. These days, she’ll gladly help our clients with their website and rises to the challenge. She loves helping people make the right choice, and decide to start a website. She loves working for Turboweb, as creating a website with Turboweb is a genuine solid business option, with no smoke and mirrors. Her previous office experience means she knows just how expensive advertising can be, and she’s seen how trends can come and go in terms of business and advertising.

Gaylene is an inspiration to all the team at Turboweb, as she’s ever an optimist and has a huge amount of drive and passion. She always wants the best for her clients and gets so much enthusiasm out of seeing her clients’ ideas come to life in their website design. She loves seeing what she calls a company getting on a ‘path to goodness’, hearing the success stories and building their business online.

She loves her role, as she gets to travel and meet so many great new businesses and meet lots of amazing people. With Turboweb, she has a great team behind her (which helps!) and she likes that Turboweb is real people, doing really good work, using real language (and no geeky jargon) to explain the benefits of being online, and showing our clients what they can really achieve for their business with their website.

Gaylene is an early bird, and a good thing too, as she has five children to keep her busy. The family have a 28-foot American caravan that is great for Summer holidays. Gaylene loves spending time with her family, reading books, doing yoga, biking and cooking.

Client Manager
Bookworm Level 18
Onsite Support
Ideas Person
Soccer Mom