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Sane Solutions - Human Resources Management Specialists

Sane Solutions Ltd was formed by Jan Samuel in 2013 and specialises in managing the most difficult and complex HR challenges for clients from a wide range of organisations and industries. With over 20 years’ experience in HR Management, Jan has worked in Otago for the last 17 years in various roles for some of the largest employers in the region, including the University of Otago, Department of Conservation, Otago District Health Board and Presbyterian Support Otago.

The Sane Solutions philosophy – “There is no challenge or problem that can’t be overcome with integrity, honesty and respect.”

Creative Brief

When Jan came to Turboweb, on a recommendation from a business associate, she already had a very clear plan of where she wanted to go in terms of growing her business. She wanted a professional new look to her branding, but wanted to retain “a bit of personality”. Because Jan’s business was reasonably new, her main aim was to grow the company’s professional profile in order to attract new business and also to communicate with her existing clients.


Jan wanted to move away from her existing logo which featured silhouettes of dolphins, often mistaken for circling sharks. This obviously did not fit well with the Sane Solutions philosophy of “integrity, honesty and respect”.

Jan wanted a simple but solid logo design that alluded to harmony and collaboration. As this new logo would form the basis of all of the business’ branding and marketing collateral Turboweb wanted to make sure it was a perfect fit before proceeding to the next stage.

Our designer came up with two interlocking elements which were made to show a stylised S but also represented ‘working together’ and ‘finding a solution’. Jan’s preference of red as an accent colour was incorporated to give the entire logo design a lift and add “personality”.


Now that we had a strong, new brand and logo to work with, we were able to make use of these styles and colour palette together with supplied stock images from Jan to provide a fresh, clean website design that truly reflected Jan and her business.

The use of white space, red accent and carefully chosen imagery pulled the whole design into a cohesive, corporate style, with a twist. The Simple Web Manager platform allowed Jan to load, edit and manage her own content so she was able to get everything looking and sounding just right.

The result was a simple, yet striking, fully responsive website design which not only catches your attention, but also delivers the required information to both existing and potential clients.

Turboweb also built a customised HTML template for sending branded electronic newsletters and emails direct from the Simple Web Manager platform and personalised email signatures for use on all outgoing communications.

Marketing Collateral

To compliment the business’ new professional look, Turboweb designed and arranged the printing of business cards for Jan, Tom and Jane, as well as commissioning branded pens.


Jan Samuel

Director and Principal HR Specialist

I found the whole process relatively smooth and the overall support I received to pull together my branding, business cards and pens was great. 

Whenever I had a problem Turboweb was always there to help and provided me with seamless service.