Case Study
Case Study
Case Study

Bob Wyber Jeweller

The Problem: “I’ve Been Abandoned!”

Bob Wyber had a problem that we frequently see. After working with a solo website provider for a decade they abruptly closed up shop, leaving Bob’s business high and dry. Bob is direct when discussing his prior experiences; “I found it a total waste of effort working with a one man band and learned my lesson the hard way. I had to decide whether to flag it all away or start fresh with someone suitable.”

Hunting for a new site and a new company, Bob had a few requirements; he wanted someone local, was worried about getting the right look for the site and had concerns about his lack of experience and specific design requests. “I wanted my website to have a particular look and functionality, and I was very sceptical that anyone could provide that to me.”

The Solution: Turboweb’s Simple Web Manager

After a demonstration of Turboweb’s Simple Website Manager (SWM) platform by Paul Southworth - Bob quickly became a convert and his initial scepticism disappeared.

“My problems and needs seemed quite insurmountable at first, but Paul and the team worked around those with ease. I was blown away by the capabilities and adaptability of the SWM. It is very easy to work with and the whole process of getting my site online was easy and very professionally done. The golden treasures were lying there right in front of me, and I was so pleased to find them. I could have been in another appalling mess again! My new site has the look I wanted which is nothing like anyone else’s site, clean and sparse.”

Turboweb designed an easy-to-use, easy-to-view site that suited the raw natural look of Bob’s jewellery. The new site features a fully functional online store that, according to Bob, has been highly successful. “The site has only been live for six weeks but my orders are way up; it’s already paid for itself!” Turboweb made several changes to the basic SWM template to better suit Bob’s unique business. Bob also took advantage of having his site optimised for Google’s search engines, which gives him consistent front page results.

“The site has far exceeded my expectations of what the site could have been with another provider. It is very hard to overstate the benefits of the SWM system.”

The Outcome

After working with Turboweb, Bob has both a stable, performing website and reliable business partner. Bob’s website generated new revenue for his business immediately and can be easily updated by him to introduce new product lines or information. He can rest easily knowing that Turboweb won’t leave him high and dry.

Check out Bob's new website at

Bob Wyber

Business Owner

“The whole process was unbelievably easy; it would be harder to fall off a wet roof! Having never done anything on my first site I found working within the Simple Web Manager ridiculously easy.

Uploading photos and editing text is simple and quick and I frequently make changes. I have both high expectations and confidence in the stability and continuity of the SWM platform, which is important to me as I’m an older guy and I don’t want to have to make another website again!”