Winton Pharmacy


Winton Pharmacy was established in 1907 and services a large area of rural West Southland. Geoff and Michelle Carleton have owned and operated the pharmacy since 1999 and are both very active in the local community. Geoff and Michelle pride themselves on providing professional, yet friendly, service and their free delivery service.


As the pharmacy services such a vast area and with the increasing use of technology among their many rural customers, Geoff and Michelle understood the need to promote their business online allowing them to better reach their customer, whether they be within Winton or further afield. Having been a part of the community for so long, the couple were keen to retain the history and community feel of the business but were wanting to ensure everyone was aware of the broad range of services they offer and provide professional advice online.


The existing Winton Pharmacy logo was close to two decades old and Geoff and Michelle were keen to build a fresh new logo to take the business forward into the future whilst playing tribute to the pharmacy’s history.

The colour palette was taken from the newly painted pharmacy building, while the traditional mortar and pestle graphic was inspired by the building’s original frontage.

The result was a classic design with vibrant colours, which will easily stand the test of time.


Once the logo had been developed this was incorporated into the new website design, keeping the style clean, uncluttered and orderly, as you’d expect from a pharmacy.

The colour palette worked really well, and customised icons were used to represent the pharmacy’s main service areas.

Michelle was able to enter a huge amount of information into the website with the help of our client support team, including key products and product information, promotions, professional advice and the many services that the pharmacy provide.


Geoff and Michelle were so happy with their new logo, website and electronic branding that they came back to Turboweb to get the rest of the marketing collateral updated.

Turboweb designed a business card, custom built die-cut, mortar and pestle shaped fridge magnet and dispensary labels for use on prescription items, arranged all printing and had the finished product delivered directly to the pharmacy.

PDF brochures and news items were created to inform and educate the wider community, and are super easy to add to the website. They also mean the couple can continue to serve and bring the wider community together.

Turboweb also created a customised electronic newsletter template so that branded communications can be easily sent out to the pharmacy’s various club members, which include links back to relevant information on the website.

The new logo also looks great on Geoff and Michelle’s new personalised email signature, which is included on all their outgoing emails.


Geoff and I had been considering doing a website but didn’t know how to go about it. The salesperson came in and explained the process to us.

Since then, everything has been easy and any problems we have had throughout the process, have been resolved quickly.

The support is great and the design team listened to us and put our ideas into practice.

Michelle - Winton Pharmacy