Wilson Contracting


Wilson Contracting is a family owned and operated business based out of Waimatua, Invercargill that has been in operation for over 15 years. They service the local southland rural community and take a hands-on do it right first-time approach to business. This has seen their business grow over the years from a small family operation with few staff, to employing over 15 contractors. A credit to Shane and Erin and their hard work, Wilson Contracting is really focused on contributing to the local community and helping local farmers put food on their table.


Wilson Contracting wanted a refresh of their existing logo. With the nature of the industry in which they work (with baleage and sowing etc) often being seasonal, and many of their contractors continue to work on their own farms or elsewhere as well, Wilson Contracting wanted to focus on staff and employment on their website. The company wished to showcase their six main services and wished to have small cartoons to go with each of their services, an artist worked on one cartoon a day to produce these unique images, which really add a unique touch to the website and business.


The Wilson Contracting website uses the colour scheme from the pre-existing logo. This works in well with the Wilson Contracting truck which uses the same colours in the background image, to tie together the whole brand, from out on the paddock to on the world wide web. Their six key service areas are inviting (with unique drawn cartoon icons) and easily navigable, with round buttons under the main navigation bar.

The About section has the addition of images, showing how Wilson Contracting help support the local community, with kids’ rugby teams, and team outings. This gives a great feel to the business from the offset. The cartoons provided by Wilson Contracting were so good we decided to add them to each of their main service pages.

Wilson Contracting not only have great testimonials but also have staff testimonials on their employment page and an employment form – where potential employees can upload their CV. They’re smart in realising that it’s not just potential customers, but also potential employees that are searching online. A call out button for feed supplies on the homepage and a newsletter sign up bar make it easy for locals to get in touch and sign up for the latest news and specials. With the nature of Wilson Contracting business being seasonal, newsletter promotions and advertising seasonal specials are ideal.


Wilson Contracting wished to keep their logo and identity, but bring it up to 2018, with a slight change and refresh. The logo lives not just across the website, but across the fleet of Wilson Contracting machinery. Having a logo that was versatile and easily recognisable out on the road.