Waitaki District Health Services


Those who aren’t from the Waitaki might not be familiar with the wide range of medical services offered by Waitaki District Health Services and available at Oamaru Hospital. Waitaki District Health Services offers a range of public and private services including 24/7 Emergency Department, Maternity, Radiology, Inpatient beds, Outpatient Clinics, Community Health Services & more.


We worked closely with the team at Waitaki District Health Services to create a website that would have the key information for their range of services. It was important to provide patient and visitor information on the website to help any visitors to the hospital. They provide a wide range of services and so needed these to be concise, with all the information (location and phone numbers especially) on hand for any visitors. As a medical website, they needed to be able to update the public of any special alerts affecting the hospital, say an epidemic, natural disaster, or anything of urgency.


The website includes a feedback section, where visitors can have all the information, they need to provide feedback and where they discuss the process around giving feedback about Oamaru Hospital and Waitaki District Health Services. On the homepage and across the website visitors have access to an alert banner which has a key message – say if there’s an outbreak of a disease – and they can click through to more information. This is across the whole website making it easily seen by any visitors to the website. It means they can include key information – eg. If you think you have these symptoms, please stay home or visit your nearest hospital etc, whatever the key message may be.


Waitaki District Health Services wished to display the board members and leadership team in a grid layout, with the ability for visitors to click through and read more about an individual. This shows as a banner on the homepage, making it easy for visitors to access. Turboweb worked closely with Waitaki District Health Services to create a vacancies module, making it easy for those interested to apply for any job vacancies.


Turboweb had a photographer go onsite and take some great images of Oamaru Hospital, key staff and board members. The hospital has a number of entrances to access different services, so our photographer took photos of the different entrances to give a visual of where to go. He also took photos of different departments and some of their key equipment such as the maternity suite.


Our previous website was very difficult to make any alterations to. It was old and antiquated. We wanted something vibrant and modern to reflect the organisation as it is today. Gore Health recommended we contact Turboweb, and once we did, the staff were very helpful and accommodating. They made the process easy for us, they were very quick to respond and happy to accommodate us. The new website exceeds our expectations. They made the process of getting a new website very smooth.

Andrea Cairns – Human Resources Officer Waitaki District Health Services