UYO - Use Your Own Cafe Guide


UYO (Use Your Own) is a directory of cafes and eateries where you can bring your own cup – encouraging cafes and coffee drinkers to be more responsible and change their approach to single-use cups to help the environment. UYO also provides a great directory of cafes that have unique features like vegan and gluten-free options, organic food, or pet-friendly areas.


Laura had already contacted a designer and fleshed out her design when she enlisted Turboweb to help build UYO. We worked with Laura to tweak and finalise the website functionality. Laura had clear ideas around the design of the website, with the colour scheme and the flower petal circle design already in place. Turboweb worked with her more on the user experience and functionality of the website, coming up with some good ideas around searching on the site.


The UYO website has a clear, bright design that needs to be easy to use and informative. The circles become petals around the café. There’s actually a lot of information neatly packed into this website. Cafes have their address, email, phone, website, opening hours and all their features – from take-home coffee grounds to local produce being used. The beauty of it lies in the simple colourful design to showcase all this information, neatly and effectively on the page.


I first came to Turboweb with just the sprout of an idea. From the first moment I sat and talked to Paul, I felt as if the success of my idea was something that they immediately shared a passion and responsibility for.

My business is entirely web-based, so having an intuitive and pleasing site that functions flawlessly and has the appropriate design ethic has been paramount to my business.

The team at Turboweb, (I worked with the tireless Sarah and Stefan) thought outside the box for me, over and over again. They were flexible and creative with their processes in order to achieve what we needed.

Not once was I told that something would be difficult or not possible - always their response was one of ‘let’s think that through and make it work’.

For value for money, Turboweb really put the substance in the hours in for me. I know 100% that they slogged solidly to reach my deadlines, and their updates and fluid communication, with each other and with me, meant I felt confident and valued at all times.

If this sounds gushy in regards to praise, that’s because I was, and am, so very thrilled with the process and the results. Nice work Turboweb. Whatever project I work on next, you will be my first port of call.

Laura - UYO