Tiffs Engineering


Tiff's Engineering is a family-owned, Milton-based engineering business specialising in construction, engineering, machining, fabrication, mechanical, hydraulics and pneumatics. Nikki Tiffany knew that the business needed to have some type of online presence, but wasn't sure what was involved or where to start.



When Turboweb first approached us to see if we wanted a website we were interested but worried about the amount of work it would take and if the end result would be what we wanted.

The team at Turboweb were great at explaining things along the way making the whole process hassle-free and super easy and I think our website is just perfect.

The front page is awesome, with a revolving banner to show our engineering and front of shop. All the different parts of our business are set out clearly and the website is easy to navigate - fantastic!

Now that the website is live Turboweb’s support team are always on hand to help us with any changes or additions we might want to make. Thank you Turboweb for our awesome website.

Nikki - Tiffs Engineering