Southern Transport – Website Revamp


Southern Transport, based out of Invercargill, have been in operation since 1946 and specialise in transporting bulk products, heavy machinery, waste and recycling. They specialise in transport logistics and have an extensive fleet. Their main service areas are bulk cartage (30-40 tonne payloads), heavy haulage (up to 80 tonnes), southern waste (short or long-term hire skip bins), clearaway skips waste (six sizes of skips), and a wheelie bin service (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).


Southern Transport contacted Turboweb as they were after a revamp of their website. They wanted a streamlined website that was simple and easy to use, with no clutter for visitors, with a bold, eye-catching design. Having a modern, full-length banner was a feature they were really interested in having.


The new look website effortlessly showcases their key service areas and, with a full-length banner gives a great overall feel to the website. The new website has active sentences that grab your attention – such as ‘Got a question? Our team can help’ and ‘Want to know more about our skips?’ followed by a contact us button in a call out box.

Having orange contact us buttons and the use of call-out boxes makes the website easily visually navigable by visitors. These boxes and great use of language should see an increase in enquiries. The website clearly shows who Southern Transport are, and what they do, without the addition of unnecessary information that could easily clutter the design. This makes it simple and easy to navigate for visitors.


Southern Transport is continually growing and expanding throughout the Southland region. It was time to have a fresh new design that really showed off who we are. The previous design we had wasn’t bold enough and we needed something to really stand out and catch our customers’ attention when they look through the site. It was also great timing for a new site as we are going into the New Year.

I didn’t have too many hesitations or concerns before starting. I found myself with a creative imagination coming up with different ideas to put forward to the team at Turboweb. With those ideas, it was hard to portray them by words as it would be easier if we could be in person and look at it on paper, but the team at Turboweb came up with alternative ideas which would be more effective and much easier to understand over the phone.

We chose Turboweb to do the redesign because we had used them in the past and had a great experience using them.

Looking at designs they have done with other companies also gave us a good insight in to how a finished product can look.

It was really interesting going through the process for the redesign of the website. I learnt all kinds of things like the different terminology and aspects of creating a new website. The team at Turboweb were really good to communicate with if you had any questions or any concerns during the process of recreating the website. I have always wanted to know what it takes for a website to be created and over the past few months they have helped guide me through it and pointed me in the right direction. It was such great help!

I am really impressed with the final look of the website. It’s more interactive, bright and represents us so well. It’s got everything that we requested and nothing has been left out. This new design looks so much more inviting to customers old and new and it helps them give more of an indication on who we are and what we do. It looks so good and we hope to do more work with Turboweb in the future!

Scarlett - Southern Transport