Road Materials Workgear

Turboweb doesn’t just do websites but also does some pretty unique custom development projects for a wide range of clients. One of those projects was with Dunedin workwear supplies store; Road Materials Workgear. They have been established in Dunedin since 1956 and are a family owned and operated business. Fast-forward to today and the Road Materials Workgear business supplies a large number of companies that operate throughout New Zealand including some big names like Fulton Hogan, EnviroWaste, Oceania Gold, Cook Brothers Construction and more.
Road Materials Workgear initially contacted Turboweb as the programmes which run their products on the website and the inventory instore weren’t integrated and there was a lot of double entry that could naturally cause mistakes with a little human error. We’re not talking about a few t-shirts either but lots of products (over 1500 products) with each product having around 10-15 pricing options (once you take into account sizing, colours and materials). That’s a huge number of variables to be entering from one system to another and they soon began to realise that it was taking a lot of time with data entry and any kind of typo could become a serious issue.

They contacted Turboweb because Bob had previous experience with some of the software they use, notably Cin7 and OpenCart. Bob worked with them to develop a programme (that they now call ‘Workflow’ that updates data between the two programmes, matching the product in the inventory and on their website via the SKU code. Integrating Cin7 and OpenCart via workflow did have its challenges, Bob worked a lot with the Cin7 developers to get some technical issues resolved and can articulate problems at a technical level that the team at Road Materials Workgear have, so that problems are often resolved promptly.
The project involved around eighty hours of development time and means now when someone edits a price anywhere in the system it’s instantly updated and accurate, saving a whole lot of headache. It also means inventory is synced and more up to date in real time, removing the risk of overordering.

There are a few tricky things that can happen when you order bulk amounts of work gear, for example, some businesses have workwear embroidered with names or logos etc, so this means the gear is often shipped in batches as it takes time to be embroidered, printed or needs to be ordered into the country. Previous to Workflow, they’d have customers calling asking for progress on their order.

Once they began to realise the impact this new automation with Workflow had on their business, they started to think more about how automation could improve their business and meet their customers' needs and enquiries. So once the initial Workflow project was completed, Bob worked with Road Materials Workgear on another automation.
Now, Workflow keeps their customers up to date with their order with automatic emails sent to the customer that indicate partial shipping. The client gets an email notification when the product has been picked off the shelf, and if it’s sent in batches, how many are left to go (eg. One of three is shipped). This means no more guesswork and fewer phone calls, plus an increase in customer satisfaction, all with no extra staff time.

Creating Workflow has been a major project, as Road Materials Workgear works with a very large volume of stock on a daily basis and the programme is creating between 250 to 280 orders per month. The feedback Turboweb has received for the project has been nothing but positive, with staff spending a lot less time double entering data to ensure product orders run smoothly or following up on customer orders. It’s also impacted on how customers view their business and allowed more time for staff to work on quality customer service, rather than data entry. In that regard, it’s really shown how Turboweb can work with clients to develop something outside the box and solve problems to add real monetary value through a wide range of applications.


We wanted to have a local website provider. We were previously working with a company in Auckland and found that with any issues they would take forever to get back to us, and with our online business growing, we needed a local website company that we could phone up and trust that they’d get onto it for us.

Not too long after our new website, we transitioned to a new system, we then on-boarded a large corporate client and online business became very popular. We were soon spending time-consuming hours updating products and prices in two systems.

We thought Turboweb might be able to build us something that would integrate the two systems. By that stage, we had a staff member who was walking into the office to 30-50 orders a day that could potentially take up to five hours of simple data entry to make sure they were in both systems. Any small margin of human error could have big implications, an extra zero here, a wrong click there, could cause huge issues.

The WorkFlow system that Turboweb has created means that prices are updated automatically on the website, and the info is in two systems - there’s no room for human error for our staff – with just one click of a button - it’s all there.

Once Bob created the initial WorkFlow system, he’s also worked with us on other integrations. Our system now integrates with Courier Post, so that all orders that go out automatically notify the customer with their track and trace code.

After one week of having the new system, it was like ‘how did we survive before this?’ It’s made a huge difference, especially to that one staff member – now she just goes and clicks a button. It’s hard to imagine our business without it, that’s how good it is.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Turboweb. Bob really cares about our business, just as we do. Turboweb has never failed to sort out a problem for us. Whatever next step the business takes – we know we can just ring up Turboweb, have a yarn, and get started. We know Turboweb will look after it.

Mike – Road Materials Workgear Central Otago