ProSigns have been a Dunedin business since 1991. They’re specialists in signage and vehicle wraps and have created a lot of the building signs and vehicle wraps that you see as you drive around the town. Like a lot of kiwi businesses, they probably don’t talk about what they do as much as they could, so you might not realise it, but their work is literally everywhere around Dunedin. They’re a down-to-earth, friendly bunch who have helped a lot of businesses to better showcase themselves.


ProSigns are a friendly, helpful signage team who offer good pricing and creative ideas. They were unhappy with their old website as it was looking dated, but they also felt unsupported when it came to making any updates. They wanted to have a large banner that they could use for monthly deals along with a ‘request a quote’ button to bring in more business.
ProSigns were becoming more aware that the internet is changing, with more and more people visiting websites on their mobile phones, tablets and other devices so having a website that was mobile-friendly was a real priority.


A big part of their business is visual, so ProSigns wanted a way to better showcase their work. They went with a customised gallery, where visitors can pick filters such as vehicles, buildings or display signs to see some of their recent work. It looks modern and fresh and really showcases the hard work they put in to create some beautiful designs.
ProSigns decided to have a Projects Module, where they showcase some of their most recent work. This allows them to talk about the logistics behind a lot of their projects. Clients can come to them with just an idea, while they bring it to life – and what better place to really show this than on their website.


'The main reason we wanted a new website was to replace our old rundown site, we still got a few hits from it, but we thought we needed to keep up and look sharp. Our main hesitation was that we needed the website to be compatible with mobile phones and all forms of devices, but very happy this as all works well.
We have dealt with Turboweb with signage over the years and formed a relationship here, so it was a no brainer to use Turboweb to get our website sorted. The process was super easy, they hit all the targets and we struggled to keep up at our end. It was a really easy process with heaps of communication making the whole process stress free.
The final product is awesome, with a website that is nice and easy to use, so it certainly meets our expectations.'

Mark Collie - ProSigns