PLATO has been part of Dunedin’s dining scene since 2002. Right beside the harbour, their philosophy is to provide good food, good service, and comfortable surroundings. In addition to the iconic restaurant, the PLATO team offer catering and cake-decorating services, have two function rooms available for hire, and operate their own on-site microbrewery, Birch Street Brewery.


PLATO were already Turboweb clients, with an existing website from 2014. The PLATO team decided that the time was right for a refresh of their website. They wanted to highlight some new developments in their company, such as the Birch St Brewery, make the site friendlier for mobile devices, and just generally bring the whole thing more up-to-date.


PLATO’s website revamp owes much of its warm and inviting look to the photography. As part of the website refresh, Turboweb arranged on-site photography of the restaurant and staff. Using professional photography on a website can often mean the difference between a website that is just ‘okay’, and one that really pops. The PLATO photography shoot really captures the warm and inviting ambiance of the restaurant, while showcasing the great food.


As well as a new layout and look, the refreshed PLATO website needed a few new elements added to it, such as an improved booking form and contact form. At the same time, because Turboweb had created their existing site some elements were able to be ported through to the new site with only minor changes needed. The menu module is a good example of this; it suited their needs well, and by reusing the module Turboweb were able to keep some of the development costs down for the PLATO team.


The home page of the PLATO website contains all the essential details that a customer is looking for. Right at the top is a banner showing a delicious seafood dish, with a 'Book a Table' button. This neatly captures the intentions of the majority of their customers, and visitors to the site know exactly what they are getting.
In addition, the home page contains a concise summary of PLATO’s dining philosophy and atmosphere, their contact details and location, attractive visual links to the Brewery, Functions, Catering, Reviews, and Testimonials, and a taster preview of some of their menu items with a link to the full menu just a click away.
The website is a nice balance of all the essential details being available right there on the front page for those customers who just want to make a booking, along with more in-depth information easily available for those clients that are looking for more information about catering a function, ordering a cake, or really needing to see a detailed menu.