Mighty Mix Dog Food


Mighty Mix is a New Zealand owned and operated dog food company. Mighty Mix Dog Food was developed by Christine Drummond when her hard-working high-country shepherding dogs faced the worst winter in decades, in 1992. Long days of working in deep snow and challenging conditions took their toll on the dogs and Christine saw that they were not coping on their usual diet of mutton and dried biscuits. She created a high-energy product with no fillers and saw an immediate improvement in her dogs’ health and energy levels. Word quickly spread and the Mighty Mix company was born.

Creative Brief

Mighty Mix Dog Food is distributed by a network of local franchisees and stores. The website needed to allow people to order Mighty Mix Dog Food from wherever they were, and then have the order go to their own local franchise holder for fulfilment. Pricing and product availability may vary from franchisee to franchisee, so the website also needed to calculate pricing based on the franchisee that would be fulfilling the order. In addition, some franchisees accept fully online ordering, while others are not yet set up for that and take orders via email and phone.

Custom Development

As well as a fully functional shopping cart, which takes into account the different franchisees and their stock, Turboweb developed a franchisee portal for Mighty Mix. This allows each franchisee to log in to the website, change their own details, check their online orders, make wholesale orders from the parent company, and access marketing and communication resources.

The franchisee portal allows Mighty Mix to streamline a number of different systems that they had operating before. Communication with their franchisees, order and fulfilment tracking are all handled by the Mighty Mix website. Where a franchisee has enabled it, Stripe integration allows seamless online ordering.


The Mighty Mix Dog Food website integrates the Mighty Mix colours and branding throughout. It emphasises the great outdoors, the fresh clean atmosphere of the high country where the product originates, and that the food is suitable for all breeds of dog.

Visitors to the site can easily access the products, franchisees, stockists, and a comprehensive FAQs section.


We are delighted with the website which is a credit to the entire Turboweb team! With our previous website, making any changes was a challenging process that included communicating with an off-shore call centre, and the task often fell into the too hard basket.
The process with Turboweb was relatively painless. Face-to-face meetings were really helpful at key stages, as were the opportunities to review and make minor content changes along the way ourselves, prior to the site going live.
The final website is an excellent outcome all round and a good base that we can add additional features to as and when required.
​​​​​​John Walker - Mighty Mix