Maungatua View


Maungatua View is a new subdivision with sections for sale in Outram. It’s not your regular subdivision. This one offers a premium lifestyle, with quality materials, surrounded by established gardens and the directors are passionate about the area and its quiet rural lifestyle.
The directors behind it are Kelvin Read and Brent Reid. Kelvin knows the industry incredibly well, and knows quality, as co-owner of Formby Holdings and through his company KB Contractors, while Brent established KB Contractors with Kelvin back in 1985 and has a farming background. Both Kelvin and Brent want a quality development where people can have that ‘city living in the country’ feel and say hello as they pass their neighbours.



Turboweb worked closely with Kelvin around ideas for the website such as showcasing things in the local area such as the museum, schools, and the glen. Maungatua View wanted to show that it’s offering a premium lifestyle, ideal for young families and for retirees.
The Maungatua View area has gardens that were established years ago by a resident green thumb, and the development will be wrapped in a beautiful walkway of greenery. The Outram area is well known for its ideal climate for farming, with warm weather and those beautiful crisp New Zealand light. It was important to have a relaxed, rural lifestyle feel to the website, through the use of colouring and imagery.


Turboweb designed the logo for Maungatua View. The design takes inspiration from the beautiful surrounding mountain range that the development is named after. The design of the logo had to be clear-cut and simple as it had to be made into large metal signs that will flank the entrance to the development.
The logo takes colour inspiration from the surrounding farmland and mountains in Summer when the area turns a beautiful barley colour. It also takes the grey from local river stone which will be incorporated into the final finishing of the development.


The Maungatua View website is selling a rural premium lifestyle, and what better way to do that than with a large family photo of alfresco dining. The banner image sets the scene for a relaxed lifestyle full of sunshine and greenery. With a left-hand banner on the homepage, you can easily find sections for sale, and more.
From here it’s easy for people interested in the development to look at sections and find out more about the area. For more information on what the Outram area has to offer, people can read the Outram Lifestyle page, and it’s easy to find Maungatua View on the Find Us page, with the addition of a large Google map.
Photos of what the area offers are on the Outram Lifestyle page and on the homepage. Beautiful river stones are used in the imagery across the bottom of the website and on the homepage header. This is because the area is close to some of New Zealand’s finest fishing and the area will be finished with quality timber and stone boundaries.