Mainland Minerals


Mainland Minerals is a locally owned and operated family business, based in Gore. They work with farmers throughout Southland and Otago, supplying a range of products and fertilisers. Using soil tests and assessments of both physical and biological aspects of farms, they recommend customised fertiliser mixes to improve soil health. Scientific research is at the heart of what they do, showing how to maximise pasture and crop performance, animal health and farmers' bottom line.

Creative Brief

Mainland Minerals has had a Turboweb website for nearly ten years. With the fast pace of change in the online world, the site had become outdated and some changes were needed to make the site suitable for phones and other mobile devices.

They wanted to keep the content and information from their existing site, while freshening it up and giving their website a new lease of life. Mainland Minerals wanted to highlight the soil testing aspect of their business: whereby they analyse the soil in different parts of a farm, and come up with a tailored plan to make sure that each area receives the nutrients it needs.


The new Mainland Minerals site is fully mobile-responsive. Now their customers can access all the information they need right there on their phones, from anywhere they might happen to be: whether out on their farm, at home, or sitting in their car in town.

The site design carries the bright green from Mainland Minerals’ logo through as a design element, unifying the site and strengthening the link between the company’s product and branding, and the natural world.

Mainland Minerals has a page where they have a series of videos from University of Otago Microbiologist Sergio Morales discussing soil health and the impact on crop yields. This use of embedded video in their site is a great way to get in-depth information to their customers and showcase their scientific approach.