K9 Medical Detection


K9 Medical Detection Charitable Trust (K9MD) is an amazing organisation started by Pauline Blomfield and her trusty dogs Frieda and Levi. The K9MD mission is to train dogs to become medical detection dogs used for the detection of infectious diseases like the Norovirus, as medical alert dogs, and for cancer detection. They opened our eyes to some crazy statistics - every year 500 Kiwis die of influenza or that every day 63 people in NZ are diagnosed with cancer.

Their website, along with a Give A Little campaign, an extensive backing by the University of Otago, and media interest, will hopefully result in more Kiwis helping them raise money to train medical detection dogs because, let’s face it, these days every Kiwi knows someone affected in some way by the loss of a loved one to cancer.


K9MD came to Turboweb with a clear idea of some of the design elements for their website, in particular, aspects such as the heart tick, the scrolling banner, and customised pages like ‘the Wonder of a Dog’s Nose’. Levi is their current puppy in training, so they wanted to focus around him with Levi’s latest showing up on the Homepage and as a custom blog page.

K9MD has a strong partnership with the University of Otago, and as a clinical research partner, they wanted a custom page showcasing the key staff at the University that they consult with regularly and also wanted to show the latest research into canine medical detection, especially in regards to canine cancer detection.

As a charitable trust, K9MD is working hard to raise funds to continue to train medical detection dogs and connecting the website with the Give A Little campaign was important. As a pioneering undertaking in New Zealand (while cancer medical detection dogs are used overseas) a big aspect of the website is informing visitors of the science behind it and including a media pack with information for any journalists or media that want to share the cause.


Turboweb worked closely with Pauline and Alan to make their vision a reality. As more people move to view websites on mobile, Turboweb wanted to ensure the design elements kept their integrity while remaining user-friendly when on mobile. Turboweb worked with K9MD, looking at elements that they might like to update in the future – such as the banner on the homepage. Once the website was live, they had a meeting with client support running them through how to update their news, add a testimonial, add to Levi’s latest, and update the homepage banners – should new content come up. Turboweb is also always available on the phone should they get stuck.

K9MD had several pages of their website custom built, including a custom About us page and Our Dogs page. The Latest Research into Canine Medical Detection is easy to see, with links to references, as is How You Can Help – with boxes linking out to the Give A Little pages. Pauline worked with our content team to compile a media pack and ensure their website was search engine friendly, so if someone sees them on TV, they can easily google them and find out more.

Turboweb is looking forward to seeing more testimonials up on the website as they continue to get recognition for their cause. We’ll also be keeping up to date with Levi’s latest, as he did visit the office on occasion and won our hearts. It’s not every day you launch a website and think that it could really save lives, but we’re lucky to say today we hopefully might, and we hope more people get on board and support K9MD with early cancer detection through canine medical detection.

‘Within minutes of everything going live I was contacted by T.V. media.’ – Pauline Blomfield, Founder and Director of K9 Medical Detection.


Using dogs to detect cancer is successfully operating overseas. K9 Medical Detection is an exciting new initiative for New Zealand, and we needed a website so we could share our new programme with the world. The Turboweb Team not only understood our vision but shared our enthusiasm.
For someone whose speciality is dogs, working with a problematic pooch was more preferable than sitting in front of a computer navigating content and layout for a website. The Turboweb Team were incredible. Whilst, for me, it was definitely a case of ‘old dog, new trick’, they made the process not only 
pain-free, but enjoyable. From start to finish, Turboweb were highly professional and friendly with the final result exceeding our expectations.

Pauline Blomfield - Founder and Director of K9 Medical Detection.