Icon Logistics


Icon Logistics have been a well-known logistics name on the Otago Harbourfront since 2005. The business has grown from strength to strength and is now the go-to for a wide number of large-scale one-off logistical solutions throughout New Zealand. Icon Logistics also has the only high-risk indoor MPI facility in Dunedin.


Turboweb worked closely with Kent Sheldon from Icon Logistics to update the website to 2019. Icon Logistics wanted a large video banner for the homepage, an employment page to bring in more prospective quality staff and they wanted the website to integrate with their online booking system for trucks at Icon Logistics warehouse locations. Any deliveries or pickups can now book online, streamlining their services even further.


Visitors are introduced to the Icon Logistics website with a stunning video produced by Turboweb, followed by the company’s main services, and the contact details for Icon Logistics two main points of contact. Icon Logistics decided to go with a Project Showcase module to tell the story of some of their unique logistics projects. Icon Logistics are unique in their ability to take on one-off large-scale logistics projects; this is really shown in their Project Showcase.


The Bookings system integration was an important aspect to be incorporated into the new Icon Logistics website. All trucks arriving at one of Icon Logistics four locations can now book online using the integrated booking system on the website, this makes the logistics run even smoother.
The website also has a custom team layout, where all the team at Icon Logistics are displayed in a nice grid format making it easier for anyone visiting the website to see who they might be working with at Icon Logistics.
Icon Logistics have an employment section where people can submit general applications, along with a dropdown where they have specific roles for people to apply for.



Turboweb shot a video with Icon Logistics for their homepage banner. It’s a combination of video and drone footage, showing the Icon Logistics team hard at work in the yard, moving shipping containers and it gives visitors a great introduction to where Icon Logistics is located and what they’re all about.


'One of the first tasks I received when I started at Icon Logistics was to freshen up the website. It had been nearly four years since it was last updated. I knew what I wanted to see on the website, but I had no experience in developing one. The team at Turboweb did an amazing job of taking my thoughts and ideas and turning them into reality. Going forward, we will be able to update the website and keep information up-to-date more efficiently. Since we have gone live with the new website, I’ve received many very positive comments. Overall, it’s been a result that was above my expectations and worth its weight in gold.'
- Kent Sheldon, General Manager (Commercial), Icon Logistics