Hereweka Garden Retreat - Design Revamp


Hereweka is beautiful luxury eco accommodation located on the Otago Peninsula. The garden retreat already had an existing website with us, but Anna was thinking it was looking a bit tired and needed an updated look for 2017. Anna has done a fantastic job on the website content, which just needed a couple of hours to refresh it to match the new website and the new layout.


Hereweka garden retreat needed to step into 2017, and get an update that would make it look modern, while still keeping all the content that has kept the site ranking so well. As the eco-accommodation is focused on green lifestyle choices – eco-friendly, organic etc. it needed to be instantly recognisable as such.


The website has a nice modern design, which gives it a breath of fresh air. It has three simple call out boxes which make it easy for people to instantly book accommodation. Greens and blues, and the surrounding scenery still play a huge part on the website, with a large banner image of the surrounding area on the page.


We chose Turboweb five years ago to create our initial website and were delighted with the whole process and the finished product. At that time, I was completely ignorant of how to go about creating a website and really had only basic computing skills. I was so patiently guided through the process, I got heaps of great advice, and learned so much. 

The proof is in the pudding; the website has worked really well for us. We get most of our bookings directly from our website and our business is thriving.

After five years, technology has changed and Turboweb can do so much more for our website. As it is the main source for our bookings, we wanted to keep it looking modern and up to date.
As we are only a small business, we were initially concerned about the cost of a revamp, but it was extremely reasonable, and we have paid it off over several months.

I was also concerned about how much effort it would require but Turboweb guided me through the whole process and come up with some great innovative ideas that have made the website look fresh and modern - thanks, Turboweb! They were also extremely patient and didn’t rush the process.

We are thrilled with the final result. Our website is easier to navigate, and we are looking good on Google.

Anna - Hereweka Retreat